Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Holiday crafts

I haven't been able to get very much of my own crafting in this holiday season, but Kaia and I have been doing fun projects together. Michelle of Green Kitchen gave me an entire mixing bowl full of buttons and we've been putting them to good use.

I got the idea for these snowflakes from someone on Sewing Mamas and we've been making a few and a time here and there. A little glitter glue makes them quite festive.

I also picked up a knitting kit at JoAnn on sale. It has several plastic frames for knitting and the smallest one makes a great i-cord. Kaia picked up the knitting part in about 20 minutes and it took one more session of figuring out the winding before she was able to do it completely on her own. We're knitting a tree garland inspired by Soulemama, though ours is washable wool with tinsel. We keep the little bin in the living room and we each do some knitting (knitting on a spool like this is called corking) when we feel like it and our tail is growing longer and longer.

I was really impressed at how quickly Kaia caught on and could do the entire thing herself, although occasionally she gets tangled up and needs a little help. She also doesn't quite get the idea of taking the yarn ball with her when she goes to another room, so occasionally we find it draped on the furniture and winding around the corner into the kitchen.

I hope we'll be done in time for Xmas, but we can always work on it into the New Year and put it on the tree next year.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Matchy matchy PJs

Dec 07 kids 349
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I made these for the kids for pajama day at Kaia's preschool. I love them, even though I cut out Kaia's pants upside down.